Where and how do the people that sell Blackberry unlock codes actually get access to these “codes”?

Question by Grant: Where and how do the that get to these “codes”?
I understand that there is likely a database of some kind that RIM has containing the IMEI and network unlock codes of all the Blackberry devices on in the market. But how do all these online retailers that promise speedy “Remote unlock codes” obtain this list or get this information? Do they need some kind of inside source that works at the company to provide them with the unlock code? Or do they somehow generate the code using an unlocking generator?

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They will get From the Service Provider i think..They make contact with the Network service providers & get the code from them & provide to you so that they needed the IMEI Number,Locked Network Details,Mobile Model..I recently find the Unlocking instructions site http://www.mobileunlockguide.com/ there you can get the Free Unlocking reference for the BB Mobiles.

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