Turn off Mute to Unlock on a Blackberry Curve?

Question by Lolo: off to on a ?
So on the new update for Blackberry, when you lock your phone by pressing the A key, you have to unlock it by pressing the mute button.
I set a password hoping to stop this, but it still says “Mute to Unlock” instead of asking for my password.
Does anyone know how to set my phone so it is password locked?
Thank you!

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Answer by NRocket
There’s no option to have it just do the password unlock. It’s just a way to prevent the phone from turning on in your pocket and putting your password in wrong enough times to wipe your data.

If you get a blackberry brand holster or leather pocket it will unlock as soon as you pull it out.

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One Response to “Turn off Mute to Unlock on a Blackberry Curve?”

  1. Jaksa October 12, 2011 at 7:53 am #

    I don’t want to fork out for an extra holster that I can’t put in my pocket. Nor do I want my blackberry on display.

    Furthermore, I don’t want a password on my blackberry, as I keep it with my at all times, and I’d probably forget it.

    Can I just PLEASE have an option to reassign the mute button (which I ALWAYS hit, while putting the phone in my pocket) ?

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