I just singed up for “EMAIL & WEB FOR BLACKBERRY” for 30 bucks through Verizon, what exactly do i get?

Question by xxfftlxx@sbcglobal.net: I singed up for “ & WEB FOR ” for 30 bucks through , what do i get?
I ordered a Blackberry pearl on ebay not knowing that to activate it i was REQUIRED to purchase an additional plan. I got the cheapest one which was “EMAIL & WEB FOR BLACKBERRY”. I clicked the ‘more info’ link and all it told me was that it allows me to check my email. I was wondering, since it says email and WEB does this mean i get unlimited internet usage also, or just email. I appreciate answers from anyone who things they know, if you actually have a blackberry from verizon with this plan ill appreciate it even more!

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Answer by Bakhtiar
Your plan includes e-mail and unlimited internet usage!!!

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