How do you unlock an blackberry 8320?

Question by justgottateach: How do you an 8320?
I purchased the phone from an ebay store and received it today. It is for my carrier, so I don’t think it is the SIM lock that I’m dealing with. This is the device lock that stops you from using any of the keyboard functions, even without a SIM card in the phone. My daughter has set one on her phone so no one can access her information….she set it up herself. Is there a way to “unlock” it without the password?

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Answer by Mike
If you don’t have or don’t remember the personal password that was set, you can reset your phone by entering the incorrect code 10 times. If you do this, it will erase all the information on the phone and will be back to factory condition.

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  1. everton July 25, 2011 at 3:45 am #

    You can contact your service provider itself a master reset code for your phone. They will not charge you. It will master reset your phone and replace how the phone comes from the factory.

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