How do I unlock my Blackberry Curve 8350?

Question by Derek Bee: How do I my 8350?
It is an ATT Blackberry Curve 8350, but I have a T-Mobile sim card. Will it work if I put it in, or do I have to “unlock” it? If so, how do I “unlock it?

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Answer by Right Guide
Yes you can use your GSM at&t Blackberry curve 8350 on T-Mobile network.but your Blackberry needs to unlock.You can unlock your Blackberry curve 8350 by simply enter unlock code through keypad.
You can get unlock code by Blackberry unlock code provider.
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One Response to “How do I unlock my Blackberry Curve 8350?”

  1. Omni DIgital July 22, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    You have to unlock that BB first
    This unlock code provider generate full LEGAL unlock code direct from Blackberry server which wont void your warranty, & generate code based on your IMEI, means individual code for every blackberry set.
    After unlocking from this provider’s code your blackberry Curve 8350 not only work with T-Mobile, you can use your Curve 8350 in any part of world with any network including your browser & MMS picture messaging to work, yes with just one time entering code from your keypad.
    They unlock from network who locked your blackberry like ATT
    This site will help you a lot & good email & 24/7 phone support

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