Blackberry Tour keypad is locked and I can’t unlock it. Help!?

Question by dc: is and I can’t it. !?
OK, so I have a Blackberry Tour with all the default settings, and the keypad locked while in my pocket and it won’t unlock. I’m pressing:
* and [send],
* then [send],
[alt] & [enter],
and nothing is working.

I’m getting the “Keypad is locked. Press the Lock button to unlock.”

Every site I’ve looked at says I have to press * and [Send], but that hasn’t worked. The only way I’ve done it successfully is by removing and reinserting the battery.

Does anyone have some tips?

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Answer by Octavius
If you look on the top left of the phone, there is a lock/unlock button. Press it once. Your phone is now unlocked.

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