blackberrry curve and an a different sim?

Question by Madi K: blackberrry and an a sim?
so i broke my blackjack and i dont want to get another contract from at&t so im considering just buying a new blackberry curve from ebay, im not sure what the whole unlocking thing means but i just need one thing clarified, if i buy an “unlocked” blackberry 8520 curve off ebay can i use my existing 3G sim card?

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Answer by Jonny Mills
You can get a Blackberry 8520 and run EDGE on him (2G), it won’t work on a 3G.
But an unlocked Blackberry 8520 can work with a 3G Sim card, unlocking this Blackberry will make him SIM-free, it means that you can use any GSM sim card (from any carrier) to work with it.

it will get signal (Calls & text) but to get Data you will need to get Blackberry internet service (BIS) from your carrier.

you can use it with a prepaid SIM card with Data and BIS, just get an unlocked phone or get a Blackberry 8520 from other carrier like T-mobile and unlock it by yourself)
If you can find a cheap GSM blackberry 8520 you can unlock it for $ 11 USD online here: and use it with a prepaid SIM card.

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