Unlock Blackberry with original codes

How to unlock Blackberry

Before to proceed to order our unlock make sure that it’s already unlocked by inserting another  sim from carrier.If you get bars signals on the display then it’s unlocked otherwise keep reading the following in order to unlock your phone.

In order to unlock Blackberry you’ll need the mobile’s IMEI which stands for international Mobile Equipment Identity.It is a 15 or 17 digit number unique to every GSM smart phone. It is utilized to identify the phone in the mobile network. The IMEI is helpful to avoid a stolen smartphone from accessing a network and being utilized to place telephone calls.It also serves to unlock Blackberry and other smartphone Brands.

How to get the unlock Blackberry code

  • Please type on your device *#06# as if you are going to call to get your IME, a 15 or 17 digit number will pop up on the screen
  • You will also need to report on our checkout form the original carrier that your phone is currently accepting as a sim cardand not the one you are intending to switch to.
  • Example : if your Blackberry is accepting only T-mobile as a sim cthecard then report T-mobile carrier on the checkout form.
  • The PRD number composed of 8 digits is also needed.You can find the PRD under the battery compartment(see the picture on the item order).

The BlackBerry unlock sim code will be sent to your email with an easy instruction to insert your code

Can the unlock Blackberry code damage my phone ?

This is an original unlock Blackberry process and can’t damage your phone in anyway .Unlock BlackBerry with IMEI easily in seconds ,your mobile will accept any sim without any restrictions and at the same time you will increase the value of your gsm. The code result from blackberry unlock IMEI database ,Please verify your IMEI twice before you submit your order .

It takes 2 to 24 hours to receive your unlock Blackberry codes to your email


 Unlock Blackberry now and switch between carriers with ease!


Get The Original Codes To Unlock Your Blackberry . Avoid Codes that Can Damage Your Phone